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September 10, 2023

Procter & Gamble Picks Petal for its Home Cleanovation Challenge

December 21, 2020

Petal Wins Second Major Design Award in as Many Weeks

December 17, 2020

Petal Claims Gold at the 2020 New York Design Awards

September 30, 2020

Freezing Garbage Cans! – Danby Partners with Petal

September 15, 2020

Disruption is Coming For Your Trash Can

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Odor-eliminating trash cans? A Fort Worth startup pitches idea to P&G

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Fort Worth-based Petal Is a Finalist at P&G's Home Cleanovation Challenge

Dallas Business Journal, 12-07-2020

Pandemic supply chain issues put Fort Worth startups' launch on pause

Fast Company, 12-04-2020

Petal, the frozen trash can, has canceled its debut. Here’s why

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Petal CEO Interviewed on Future Home Podcast with Tom Duncan

Dallas Business Journal, 10-09-2020

How Three North Texas Entrepreneurs Launched and Grew their Startups Amid the Crisis

Product Hunt, 10-07-2020

Petal - the Zero-Odor Germ-Freezing Waste Bin

The Hustle, 10-06-2020

The World’s Classiest Trash Can

Thrive Global, 10-06-2020

David M. M. Taffet: “Leadership, Policy and Change”

FastCompany, 10-05-2020

Fast Company Lauds Petal as "Hard to Resist"

Retail Wire, 10-05-2020

New Trash Can Freezes Garbage Smell at an Eco-Cost

Guelf Today, 10-03-2020

A Cool New Way to Deal with Household Garbage

Know Techie, 09-23-2020

The Best Crowdfunding Campaigns to Check Out in October 2020

Authority Magazine, 09-21-2020

Meet The Disruptors: How Petal is Shaking Up the Waste Disposal Industry

Authority Magazine, 09-21-2020

David M. M. Taffet: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became the CEO of Petal

Trend Hunter, 09-17-2020

Petal Freezes Its Contents to Reduce Household Odors

Authority Magazine, 09-16-2020

How To Go From Idea To Store Shelf

Authority Magazine, 09-16-2020

Brian Petz of Petal: How To Go From Idea To Store Shelf

Restarting America Podcast, 09-14-2020

Launching a New Brand and Product During a Pandemic

Dallas Innovates, 09-02-2020

Every Last Word: A Category Killer

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Starter Story, 09-02-2020

On Launching the World’s First Germ-Freezing Waste Bin

SHRM, 09-02-2020

Shock to the System: Dealing with Toxic Staffers at Work

North Texas Inno / Dallas Business Journal, 09-01-2020

Despite Pandemic Delays Petal Plans Pre-sale Launch

Authority Magazine, 08-19-2020

David M. M. Taffet of Petal: Rising Through Resilience

CMS Wire, 08-10-2020

Are Your Business Values Aligned With Employee Values?

Contender Brands Podcast with Justin Honaman, 08-10-2020

Meet Petal: The Zero-Odor, Germ-Freezing Waste Bin

Accelerate DFW Foundation, 08-07-2020

The Invisible Entrepreneur: David M. M. Taffet’s Success Story, and His New Fort Worth-Based Company Petal

Ideamensch, 07-28-2020

Interview with Petal Co-Founder David M. M. Taffet

MSN, 07-19-2020

Prospective Employers Can Access your Digital Footprint. What Are You Leaving Behind?

JustLuxe, 07-16-2020

The Best Coronavirus Home & Kitchen Gadgets

BBC News, 07-09-2020

Parents Changing Careers While Stuck at Home with the Kids

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How We Created A Zero-Odor, Germ-Freezing Waste Bin

Electronics Maker, 06-22-2020

Health Tech To Watch For a Safer World Post-Pandemic

MSN, 06-14-2020

How to Engage in Political Conversation at the Office

Dallas Innovates, 06-10-2020

New Fort Worth Tech Startup Launches With ‘the World’s First Disposal Freezer’

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